Stacked Pickle Plans Nationwide Growth

We’re taking Indianapolis’ favorite family restaurant NATIONWIDE, and the word is out. Last week, the Indianapolis Business Journal sat with our CEO, Gary Brackett, to discuss franchise expansion, opportunity, and vision.

Featured in the article were two of our most loyal supporters at Southport & Greenwood: Ray & Diana Bridges. Also fans of GB during his playing days, their love for #58 has carried over to Stacked Pickle with tremendous results!

Franchise plans and opportunities were discussed in depth as well, with the IBJ getting some exclusive information on potential franchisees & locations which you will want to read up on as well.

CBRE First Vice President Steve Delaney, who was referenced in the article, said that our national interest at this stage in the process is “a strong indicator” the chain will be successful.

“The ‘travel-ability,’ if that’s a word, of the concept is so important,” Delaney said. “You need to show, number one, that it’s well-run, well-respected … that it turns a healthy profit.”

Potential franchisee, Chris Holins, had this to say when asked about Stacked Pickle’s appeal as a concept:

“I really just enjoy the atmosphere,” Hollins said. “It’s a sports bar, but it’s family-friendly, so you know it’s a place where you can feel comfortable with kids. I’m the parent of a young child myself, so that’s important.”

Gary’s closing remarks summed up the feelings we possess across the board as an organization:

“It’s like they say in this business: If something can go wrong, it will go wrong,” he said. “That’s why we have to do everything we can to be ready.”

We are a family focused restaurant, and to us that starts with being prepared & sticking together through both the sunshine & the rain. Our focus is simple: Value, Variety, and (LEGENDARY) Service ACROSS THE BOARD. This team is in it to win the long game. No words echo this sentiment more succinctly than our leader’s:

“Your franchise needs to have a strong support system from the start.”

When you are part of this team–this FAMILY, you can be certain of one thing: We’re here to support YOU.

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